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  • 8134663

    Alternator 106 Amps GW 1980-1991

    This Is A Direct Replacement High-Performance Hi-Amperage Output Alternator. This Direct Fit 106-Amp Alternator Far Exceeds The Factory Original Set Up Which Had Either 63-Amps On Earlier Models & Only 87-Amps On The Grand Wagoneers & The...

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  • Alternator 78 Amp W/ Dual Pulley GW 1978-1986

    This Is An Direct Replacement OE Style Standard Duty 78-Amp Alternator Assembly. This Alternator Assembly Is Correct For Jeeps During The Early 1980's & Comes With A Single Belt Pulley Which Will Need To Be Transferred If On Your Jeep. This 78-Amp...

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  • J5359301

    Alternator Brace V8-360-401 GW 1979-1991

    This Is A Direct Replacement OE Style Alternator Brace That Connects To The Alternator Spacer & Is Slightly Over 3 Inches long. This Brace Will Fit All Jeep Grand Wagoneers, Full Size Wagoneers, Full Size Cherokees, Cherokee Chief, J10/J20 Pick-Up...

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  • 17226.04

    Alternator Rear Needle Bearing GW 1975-1991

    This Omix Brand Direct Replacement OE Style New Bearing Is The Needle Bearing At The Rear Cap Of The Alternator For Your Full Size Jeep. This Bearing Is Responsible For Many Alternators That Making Whining Noises When The Engine Revs Up Or Even While...

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    Alternator Wire Connector 1974-1991

    This Is An Alternator Wire Connector Pigtail For Your Full Size Jeep. If You Are Replacing An Alternator & You Notice That The Connector On The Back Is Brittle, Cracked, Or Burning In Any Way, It Should Be Replaced. We Recommend Replacing The...

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  • 1988-1991 BATTERY CABLE SET

    Battery Cable Set V8 GW 1974-1991

    We Have Created An Upgraded Version Of Direct Replacement Style Positive & Negative Battery Cable Assemblies. This Direct Fit Pair Of Positive & Negative Battery Cables Will Fit Your Grand Wagoneer, Full Size Wagoneer, Full Size Cherokee,...

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  • 3226119

    Battery Clamp GW 1974-1988

    This Is A Black Battery Clamp That Will Hold The Battery At The Bottom Of Your Tray Inside The Engine Compartment. This Black Battery Clamp Will Fit All Jeep Grand Wagoneers & Full Size Wagoneers & Cherokees & The Jeep J-10 & J-20 Pick-Up...

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  • 55014361

    Battery Hold Down Bracket OEM GW 1986-1991

    This Is A Factory Original Top Battery Hold Down Bracket. This Particular Battery Hold Down Was Made To Fit All 1986-1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneers & Jeep J10 Pick Up Trucks, Jeep J20 Pick-Up Trucks. This Holds The Top Of The Battery Down Securely...

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  • 850112A

    Battery Terminal Disconnect Switch

    Connect This Battery Terminal Disconnect Switch To Your Negative Top Battery Post & Stop Your Battery From Discharging While Storing Your Classic Jeep & Car & Also Use This As A Deterrent To Theft At The Same Time. All You Have To Do Is...

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  • 192

    Battery Terminal End Spreader Tool

    This Is A Battery Terminal Spreader Tool. This Handy Tool Spreads The Top Post Battery Terminals By Easily Squeezing The Red Vinyl Gripped Handle & It Will Open Your Battery Terminal End A Little More To Install Your New Battery Tightly. You Also...

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