• MT-3120

    AC System Lubricant Enhancer Additive

    This A/C System Lubricant Enhancer Additive Will Help Prevent Excess Friction, Prevent Oxidation & Acid Formation, And Best Of All Will Provide Longer Service Life Of Your AC Components. By Using This Additive Compressor Life Is Extended And Heat...

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  • 3220588

    Heater Blower Wheel 1981-1991

    This Is A Direct Replacement OE Style Heater Blower Motor Wheel. This Heater Blower Motor Wheel Is Located Inside The Engine Compartment Area On The Passenger Side Area. If Your Blower Motor Needs To Be Replaced For Any Reason, This Blower Wheel Is Not...

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    AC Evaporator Thermostatic Switch 1978-1986

    This Thermostatic Switch Is Located At The AC Evaporator. This AC Thermostatic Switch/Sensor Monitors How Cold The Air Is That Comes Inside The Evaporator Housing. If This Sensor Fails, Your AC Will Either Be Overworking Causing Only Cool Or Warm Air...

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  • 8133184

    AC System O-Ring Seal Kit

    We Now Have This Complete AC O-Ring & Seal Kit Available For Your Full Size Jeep & Grand Wagoneer. This AC O-Ring Seal Kit Will Fit Your Jeep Grand Wagoneer, J Truck, Full Size Wagoneer, Full Size Cherokee From 1981-1991 With Both The Sanden...

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  • 56003162KIT

    AC Valve Stem & Cap Kit GW 1981-1991

    This AC Valve Stem & Cap Kit Comes Complete For Both The Original R12 Systems & Updated R134 AC Systems. If Your AC System Is Missing A Cap Or Worse Yet One Of The Valve Stems Is Leaking CXausing Your AC Refrigerant To Leak Out, This Easy To...

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  • 5751934

    AC Blower Motor Wheel GW 1981-1991

    We Now Have Available This AC Blower Motor Wheel For Your Full Size Jeep, Truck, And Grand Wagoneer. This Direct Fit & Replacement AC Blower Motor Wheel Will Fit 1984-1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer, 1981-1991 Jeep J Truck, 1981-1983 Full Size Wagoneers...

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  • 3228826

    A/C Compressor York GW 1978-1988

    This York A/C Compressor Is A Brand New AC Compressor NOT A Reman One. This Is A Direct Replacement AC Compressor For All Jeep Grand Wagoneers, Full Size Wagoneers, Full Size Cherokees, Cherokee Chief, Jeep J10 Pick Up Trucks, J20 Pick Up Trucks With...

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  • 8133449

    A/C Compressor Sanden 4.2L GW 1982-1988

    This Is A Direct Replkacement Style AC Compressor Assembly. This Sanden AC Compressor Will Fit Jeep Grand Wagoneers, Full Size Wagoneers, Full Size Cherokees, J10 Pick Up Trucks, J20 Pick Up Trucks With The 4.2 Liter Engine From 1982-1988. This AC...

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  • 24610

    Lisle Cooling System Spill-Free Funnel Kit

    This Is A Professional Funnel Kit Made By Lisle In The USA Used By Jeep Technicians At Auto Dealers All Over The Country To Flush Out The Cooling System In A JEEP Or Any Other Vehicle. This SPILL-FREE Funnel Kit As Called By LISLE Comes With Enough...

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  • J5464379

    AC Expansion Valve GW 1981-1991

    This is A Direct Replacement Style A/C Expansion Valve. This Expansion Valve Allows Cool Air to Pass When the Compressor Builds Pressure. When this Valve Goes Bad-The Low System Builds Too Much Pressure Causing Either The Switch To Blow Out Or Causing...

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